Youth X Canada Tour 2017

Thank you to all of our supporters who have donated a total of $31,425.00 in CASH and IN KIND donations as of February 22, 2017!


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Youth X Canada: Music Tour 2017 is a unique and inspiring project designed to discover, explore and celebrate the diversity of Canada’s geographic, cultural and musical landscapes as seen from the perspective of young, aspiring Canadian music artists.

As we join together to celebrate our country’s 150th Anniversary, this energetic group of young music artists from different musical backgrounds, will travel across Canada visiting local Youth Centres and Indigenous Communities, sharing experiences, hosting music workshops and performing.

During their travels, the Youth X Canada team will be documenting and sharing their experiences through social media and encouraging everyone to celebrate the wonder of Canada’s rich cultural and musical diversity.





Please join us for an entertaining evening of music & laughter featuring Canadian Comic Legend Mike MacDonald. Mike has appeared on numerous TV shows on HBO, Showtime, The Comedy Network, and CBC’s Just For Laughs. Mike’s special guest will be Don Kelly, host and star of the Gemini-nominated series Fish Out of Water on APTN. Jesse Reynolds, from JUMP! 106.9, will be our MC for the evening. Live performances from Malinda Aiello and Andrew Cassara.

All proceeds to benefit the Youth X Canada Music Tour, which supports music and youth mental health initiatives.
Tickets $20 – limited availability, Please contact info@youthxcanada to arrange ticket pick-up or delivery.



Signature Sponsors


SGMGroupArtists is an Indie label based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. SGMGroupArtists is one of the last standing labels with an old-fashioned business model: music and artist development first. They are committed in their concept of investing in the careers of young music artists.


Youth Centres Canada works to encourage, support, and provide information and training to youth and youth groups in rural areas, towns and small cities in Canada. Youth Centres Canada recognizes youth as citizens with rights, responsibilities, able to make contributions through active community involvement, participation, partnerships, and meaningful decision-making that affects their lives.


Partners for Mental Health is a national charitable organization that’s catalyzing a social movement to transform the way we think about, act towards and support mental health and those living with mental illness.  With a strategic focus on workplace mental health and child and youth mental health, their two national initiatives combined with the support of more than 80,000 people comprise the single largest social movement addressing mental health in Canada.