Youth X Canada: Music Tour 2017 Promoting & Supporting the Tour

With a project as unique as this, getting the word out will be almost as extensive and exciting as the tour itself. No stone will be left unturned, and no opportunity wasted. We plan to celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary in style, and we welcome you to join the party!

Project Launch:

We’re excited to be able to tell everyone about the Youth X Canada: Music Tour. And what better way to let everyone know than with a huge party. This will give us the opportunity to showcase the young artists going out on tour, and let the media get their first glimpse at where we’ll be going and all the youth centres & communities we’ll be visiting. Our Project Launch will also allow our Signature Partners and Sponsors the opportunity to let everyone know why they are as excited to be
a part of this adventure as we are.

Promoting the Tour:

We’ll be looking towards print, radio & TV outlets to help us promote the tour. We’ll be sending Press

Releases to all Ottawa newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations, including university & college radio. All the youth centres on the tour will be responsible for notifying media outlets in their areas and helping to promote the tour. Our artists will be available at each stop in the tour for any media interviews and public appearances.

There will also be extensive social media promotion through our own contacts and that of our tour partners, sponsors and through the individual youth centres themselves. We have also signed up with the 150Alliance, an open network of groups, individuals and organizations working together to promote action, engagement and impact around Canada’s 150th.

Official Tour Kick Off:

You don’t embark on an epic musical journey across Canada without the suitable tour kickoff party – complete with live music, dancing, refreshments and the inspirational words of wisdom from our Signature Partners and distinguished guests.

Staying Connected:

On September 12, 2016, all our social media connections will go live – website, facebook, YouTube & twitter. The Youth X Canada: Music Tour 2017 is committed to sharing our journey & experiences through social media every step of the way. Every day our artists will be video blogging, tweeting and posting on facebook. It’s your perfect opportunity to discover this great country with us – experience the landscape, the people and music through the eyes of young Canadian music artists.

Youth X Canada: Music Tour 2017 Documentary:

This tour is a once in a lifetime opportunity and will help shape the musical careers of each young artist. They will have travelled from the one edge of Canada to the other and dipped their feet in three different oceans. They will have had the privilege of meeting other Canadian youth, sharing their stories, dreams and hopes. The will have discovered some of our rich Canadian history and the people who helped shape our country. They will have learned the stories of our Indigenous and First Nations people, and will have experienced the majesty of our great Canadian wilderness.

All these life changing moments will be captured on video – the excitement, the inspiration, the frustration and disappointment of travelling on the road. This isn’t just a documentary about being a young touring music artist – it is a story about being Canadian.

Download “Sponsorship Package” here.