Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Youth X Canada performance?

A Youth X Canada performance is a blend of music and personal sharing around youth mental health issues.  The performance is generally about 90 minutes long, but is easily adapted to whatever time frame is available.  While we generally target youth audiences, our performance can be easily adapted for any age group and demographics.  There is the option of a more intimate and interactive acoustic show, or a full out festival performance.  Our shows generally include at least 3 music artist performances and a 30-minute Meet & Greet after the event.  The goal is to utilize music as a supportive tool to encourage active and meaningful youth mental health conversations.

Is there a cost?

There is no charge for a Youth X Canada performance, although donations are gratefully accepted.  We do, however, ask our host organizations to provide local promotion and media support, as well as basic hospitality for our artists & crew.  There are specific additional requirements for any out of town performances.  Please contact our Youth X Canada Project Coordinator for details and requirements.  info@youthxcanada.ca

Are the performances safe?  What sort of training do your artists have?

Youth X Canada is not a youth mental health service provider.  We are not professionals in the youth mental health field.  Many of our artists and volunteers have lived experiences with youth mental health issues, and have received training from mental health professionals.  Each Youth X Canada performance provides a resource table with youth mental health material that can be picked up and shared.  We understand that mental health can be a sensitive subject for some people, and therefore it is mandatory that all our Youth X Canada performances have some sort of professional mental health support readily available.

How do I get a Youth X Canada performance to come to my community or event?

We are always happy to share our positive youth mental health message through music.  Youth X Canada is based in Eastern Ontario, but, funds permitting, we are willing to travel anywhere in Canada.  Please contact our Youth X Canada Project Coordinator for details.  info@youthxcanada.ca

I am interested in becoming a Youth X Canada artist and/or volunteer.  What sort of opportunities do you have and how do I get involved?

Thank you for your interest – we are always excited to welcome new people to our Youth X Canada team!  We have a variety of opportunities available including graphic design, photography, video production, stage, sound & lighting, finance & administration, marketing & promotion, mental health resources & support, and of coarse, our music artists.  We welcome any and all genres of music, and although Youth X Canada is primarily a program for youth by youth, we encourage more establish artists to participate through our supportive mentorship programs and workshops.  For more information and to discuss how you can become part of our Youth X Canada team, please contact our Project Coordinator for details.  info@youthxcanada.ca